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Welcome to Covid-19 Makers. Please sign-up and #LetsBuild together to #StopCovid19

#LetsBuild together to #StopCovid19

Covid-19 Makers is a community of Makers and engineers in the UK organized to design and build medical equipment and ventilators to save lives and our healthcare system in the fight against Covid-19.

We are partnering with Coronavirus Makers in Spain (+15k makers and engineers) to share know-how and designs and make sure medical equipment and ventilators can get to our hospital staff and patients as soon as possible. All designs will be open source under the condition that nobody can make a profit of them. This is a community effort to fight corona, save lives and our healthcare system. From makers to people, we want to save lives. 

As a first step, we intend to build a Makers’ Map to have a clear view of our production capabilities and coordinate them with hospital needs. We will then be organizing engineers and makers locally in Telegram groups so we can start printing and manufacturing the designs most efficiently. We will need regulation to be flexible but intend to work to grow the community and build prototypes in the meantime as there's no time to waste. 

Please join us by signing up here, share it with your network and #letsbuild together to #stopcorona.

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