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General Discussions

General discussion and brainstorm of creative solutions to help support hardware and software capabilities during COVID-19.

Assemble of Gtech Ventilator The text says the following: "There were quite a lot of problems; oxygen is a very reactive gas, which rules out many motors and electrical devices. Normal air operated cylinders can only run on air,... (More)
Something on the side of Ventilators, but very relevant to the operators of Ventilators. A video from March 2010 "Reusing Face Masks To Prevent Airborne Illnesses" by New Mexico Tech.
*SPECIFICATION* Hello everyone, got a specification/ tech data PDF attached here of a VentMed product from a doctor in London. Not sure where to put it here. If we could get more docs like these together, that would be great.... (More)
Hello, I am Pierre, an electrical engineer from Belgium. I am very concerned about the lack of ventilator for the covid 19 in our different countries. The approach of the links bellow seems a good idea to face urgently this... (More)