Hi all


I am an Industrial Designer and specialize in both product design and international manufacturing. We have offices in both Australia and China.
The need for emergency face shields across the globe is paramount. I have developed an open source alternative constructed using readily available materials. The shield itself is designed around standard A4 / Letter size sheets of PET (OHP / Binder cover). Holes are punched in the sheet using a standard 6mm / 1/2" office hole punch. A simple 3D printed (PLA) / lasercut (4mm plastic) peg clips into these holes. 3 clips are required to retrofit onto an existing flat or curved brim cap/hat.

The design is completely open source and I encourage people to begin testing and production. Any test results or feedback would be appreciated. I am in the process of quoting with overseas manufacturers for high volumes of diecut PET and extruded + cut clips, we are capable of distributing across the globe from our offices in China. I have secured social media accounts and a website under 'BrimShield' and I would encourage you to follow and share for progress updates. Donations will be possible to facilitate the production and postage of 100 / 1,000 or 10,000 unit QTY shipments to locations around the world.

Production files are available on our website and thingiverse.

Clear PET (A4/Letter) size can be purchased in packs of 100 from most office supply stores. 15 PC of clips (5 sets) can be printed per 100mm x 100mm area of 3D printer bed, using 10g of material and 1 hour print time. These are designed to be disposable, although they can also be sterilized. Hats may need to be bagged in a clinical setting.

Looking forward to your feedback and support.