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Respiratory Masks
Respiratory Masks
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Mask Requirements – Studies show that wearing a face mask is likely to reduce the likelihood of airbourne droplets entering your nose or mouth by up to 80 percent!! These droplets are the main transmission of coronavirus and so it... (More)
What about using cheap full face snorkle masks which appear to be in stock on Amazon in quantity. (At least is the US) The big hepa filters for central air furnaces HVAC systems are a possible filter material source? Cut... (More)
Wanted to make sure y'all were aware of this open source respiratory mask:

The problem right now is the material (PLACTIVE), as you can imagine that Copper3d is selling months worth of stock in a matter of hours.
I'm assuming that N95 respirator masks (without VOC filtering) will be the most important to produce. Is this correct? Assuming that is the case, should we go with a disposable or reusable design? And what can we use as a... (More)